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Anyez is a phenomenal practitioner! She creates the most warm and safe space to explore disturbing emotions and events. I never cease to be amazed at her ability to tune into her intuition and divine guidance in leading a session. There's always a new technique or creative way of gently opening up her clients for thorough processing and releasing of what no longer serves them. I highly recommend placing yourself in Anyez's capable hands. She's an absolute artist and makes healing a pleasant and easy process.

Amanda Wonderland

My mentor at EFT Universe

Hi, my name is Anyez Lorincz; I’m a Clinical EFT practitioner, meditation teacher, family constellations facilitator, and writer.


I help people who feel unhappy, anxious, unfulfilled, and lost in life to make inner peace, unwavering happiness, and purposefulness their everyday experience.


I know all that well. I, too, was at a point where there seemed to be no way out, but I was determined to find it.


And I did. I learned to lift myself by my hair, and today, I live my days with constant joy and gratitude, feeling like champagne bubbling in my chest. I know who I am and why I am here.


Sharing what I learned is my mission because I know there is another option than suffering and that loving yourself and living a life you love is possible.


Thank you for reaching out!

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