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emotional freedom techniques

Clinical EFT Tapping 4 sessions-boundle

To work on the roots of a general problem


Scientific research shows that EFT Tapping reduces levels of stress hormones, calms the nervous system, and sends a message to the body that we are safe. It's an infinitely simple technique: we stimulate specific acupressure points by tapping on them lightly while staying in touch with our body's sensations, feelings, and thoughts. It helps us to rewire our brains, rewriting our running programs by removing our blocked emotional responses ('triggers'), blocks, limiting beliefs, and fears. Clinical EFT is also the most effective and comprehensive method known today for working through traumatic experiences and getting out of the hell of post-traumatic stress. The devil hides in the details—in other words, specificity is the key. Our general issues, whether it's low self-esteem or anxiety, can be traced back to specific experiences in our lives. Our general problems are like the top of a table; the life events they are rooted in are like their legs. These need to be knocked out to eliminate the tabletop. Our tabletops—general issues—were not created in a day, so usually, one session is insufficient to neutralize all the legs. There are often many, but thanks to the so-called generalizing effect of the EFT, if the most important ones are eliminated, the rest will follow as if on their own. In just four sessions, you can achieve excellent results.

Cancellation Policy

The price of the purchased service package is not refundable. The four sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly for two months from the date of purchase. To reschedule, please contact me 48 hours before our appointment.

Location and contact

  • Via Savoia 16

    Via Savoia, 16, Boroneddu, Province of Oristano, Italy

    +39 351 891 2539

  • 1 h 15 min
  • Via Savoia 16
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