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Meditation & Mindfulness



The scientifically proven benefits of meditation include lowering blood pressure and heart rate, increasing self-awareness, emotional stability, creativity, presence, patience, acceptance, mental flexibility, and improved sleep quality. The different body-centered approaches are just for you if you are a beginner or find it difficult to quiet your mind. Mindfulness is not just a technique. It's more of a lifestyle. It means being aware of what's happening around you and within you, physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically, and the interconnections and interactions between these aspects. This will enable you to respond with wisdom to all that life presents you with. The key component of mindfulness is an accepting attitude of warmth and curiosity towards the occurrences and experiences we encounter. During the eight training sessions, you will acquire mindfulness techniques through guided meditations such as body scanning, breath awareness, self-compassion, and heart-centered and affectionate breathing. These are also audio-recorded for you to use on your own, which can be a great help in focusing initially. Also, you will be given homework to practice daily in between our sessions. New neural connections are quickly established in the brain through meditative states, but if you don't maintain them, they won't last. As with language learning, or any other new skill development, it is the time and energy invested in practice that plays the greatest role. If you commit yourself, in eight weeks you can rewire your functioning and start to live from your center, relating to yourself and the world in a completely different way than you have done before. If you're already practiced in meditation and want to try new techniques, you've come to the right place! Connecting with your body's wisdom and energetic practices can lead you to surprising depths and other realms of reality. The advanced course will include inner journeys, loving kindness (metta), third eye exercises, Qi Gong and Quantum breathing techniques. The starting point for these techniques is the ability to be in the center, or to get there quickly, so some familiarity with these techniques and relaxation is necessary. You don't have to get this practice from me, which means that the beginner's course is not a prerequisite for the advanced one.

Cancellation Policy

The price of the purchased service package is not refundable. The eight lessons will be scheduled weekly for two months from the date of purchase. To reschedule, please contact me 48 hours before our appointment.

Location and contact

+39 351 891 2539

Via Savoia, 16, Boroneddu, Province of Oristano, Italy

  • 50 min
  • Online
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