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Make your journey multidimensional!


Want to add a special touch to your trip?
Become one with this magical island?
Feel Sardinia's message for you?

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Absorb Sardinia!

There are places on Earth with unparalleled vibration and exceptionally high frequency. The spots with the purest energy are also known as Blue Zones. Sardinia is one of these areas.


I am inviting you to experience activities that will allow you to raise your own vibration by connecting with the pristine energies of this magical island.


Make your journey multidimensional!

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We are all tourists on this planet. Passers-by and travelers.
We collect experiences.
We leave our mark on the places we live and walk.
Just as places leave their mark on us. 
They add something to us.
When we move on from somewhere, we are not the same as when we arrived.

Nobody disagrees today about how everything is energy, including you. You perceive the world at this level, even if you are unaware.
Places affect you; you sense their vibration. There are places you long to return to, where you feel peace, and places you want to escape that upset you. And between these two there are a thousand other shades.

When you travel, you connect not only with what you perceive with your physical senses. You absorb not only the visual beauty, the roar of the sea or the sounds of the market cavalcade, the tastes and smells of food and drink, the balmy sweetness or saltiness of the air, the heat of the sun, and the tickle of the wind on your skin.

Wherever you go, you will inadvertently connect with the energy of those places.


Online booking is necessary!


About me


Hi, my name is Anyez Lorincz; I am a clinical EFT practitioner, meditation teacher, family constellation facilitator, and writer.


I love to travel, and instead of getting information from guidebooks, I love to feel the energies of the places I visit by connecting with them, soaking up their essence, letting them speak to me, enchant me, and make me a better person.


I love Sardinia. For over twenty years, I have dreamed of coming to live here. That dream is now a reality, and every day, I bathe in this beautiful force field.


I used to be a tour guide for many years, showing others the way. Today, I accompany people in discovering inner, invisible realms.


I want to share the wonders I have found on this magical island with you.

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Anyez is a phenomenal practitioner! She creates the most warm and safe space to explore disturbing emotions and events. I never cease to be amazed at her ability to tune into her intuition and divine guidance in leading a session. There's always a new technique or creative way of gently opening up her clients for thorough processing and releasing of what no longer serves them. I highly recommend placing yourself in Anyez's capable hands. She's an absolute artist and makes healing a pleasant and easy process.

Amanda Wonderland

My mentor at EFT Universe

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